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A New Generation of Change !
A New Day, A New Way !

William T. Green believes it's time for:

Courage. Judgment. Integrity. Dedication. Those are the characteristics that every public servant should have, especially those men and women that serve in government. I believe that Ohio deserves such an individual to represent them at all levels of government. Our people are entitled to have the best possible person in the state's capitol protecting their hard-earned rights, as well as presenting progressive ideas that will help them in their everyday lives.

We have seen up-close how ideological stubbornness can paralyze a legislative process. I believe it is time for statesmanship to return to the legislative process. My experience has been that a politician only thinks about the next election, but a statesman thinks about the next generation. Government shouldn't rule by popularity, but by sound policy that will positively affect generations to come.

As a public servent/Policy-maker, I will stay true to the principles stated above and be a champion for progress and empowerment for our citizens. As a follower of Christ, my decisions will be tempered by my convictions to show mercy, do justly, and to walk humbly.

I love Ohio, that's why I have not left. Despite historic and socio-economic challenges, Ohio's citizens have risen above them to do great things for this state and the nation. Ohioans are proud, charitable and independent people. It is this tradition that I intend to help change and to break the Corruption that has devalued the effectiveness of Ohio's government, for WE THE PEOPLE deserves better. I challenge all citizens, to hold every policy-maker accountable. Make Every person offer real solutions to your real problems. The times demand new invention, innovation, imagination, decision.

William T. Green

Public Servant

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